Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things you should not do while texting

We all know it's stupid to text and drive. That's a given people. Too many people have lost their lives...I won't even go into it because it's too depressing and I'm not one for mucking up the internet with what you should and shouldn't do while driving. If you don't know by now, you're an idiot.

However, there are some things you would never have guessed would be a problem to do while texting. My pet peeve is people who text at the dinner table ( daughter) or people who, directly in the middle of a conversation with me, will take out their phone to answer a text and still try to hold a conversation with me. They believe that I think they are listening.

Off my soap box now. I'm a texter. Sometimes, out of necessity, even at the dinner table, or at the very least to message my kids and call them down to dinner. Hey, I'm lazy, I admit it that as well. I also text at work when I can just as easily pick up the phone and call, or the once popular but now almost as ancient as actually talking to someone, E-mail.

It used to turn me off when I would hear people on their cell phone in a public bathroom stall, I mean...come on? Seriously? That conversation couldn't wait? When I am at home, however, this rule can and will be bent. After all, I am only human.

So yesterday, while in the midst of a text chat with my dear friend Cathy, starting with me reminding her that she was soon to be the mother of an 18 year old and how did that feel, ha ha, rub rub (even though I shall suffer the same fate in less that two months) I had to go ... for lack of a better word...pee. So I took my phone with me. What? This is MY blog!!!

Anyway, it was then that I realized that I needed "feminine" supplies and there were none in my bathroom cabinet. So, I already had my phone out, I texted my daughter quickly and asked her to bring me some. I didn't merely just ask...I told her WHY I couldn't come get them myself. Without realizing that I was actually still in the chat with my friend, I hit send, realizing too late that I had basically just asked her to drive 20 miles from her house to bring me a feminine napkin. Oy!

Easy fix...we LOL'd and TMI'd through text while I quickly copied the original request, pasted it into a new text and properly sent this to my daughter. No harm, no foul, right?

Yeah....Burch Luck, remember? Fast foward to this morning, my FAVORITE radio station, Candy95 holds this contest where you can win "TWIFECTA" tickets (tickets to see Twilight, New Moon, then Eclipse all on the same night at the movie theater on the night that Eclipse comes out - hey - it was for my daughter!). Typically, what I do is pull over (because it's UNSAFE to text while driving) and text the KEY WORD to their number then copy and paste the text and resend repeatedly until I get the message that they already have a winner (because I have Burch Luck and never actually win - but hey, it's always fun to play). Apparently, my text happy fingers didn't quite copy today's key word (FORKS) and I instead pasted my text about needing feminine supplies....TO THE RADIO DJ's - Frito and Alli!! OMG! I'm sure they didn't see it, since they typically get 1500 texts in the first 20 seconds, but I certainly saw it and immediately turned 3 shades of red and elected not to participate in today's contest in order to not draw further embarassment to myself.

Toilet Texting.....who knew?!?!

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