Friday, October 2, 2009

No Room for more than one Enemy

Who would have thought that I would be 40 years old before anyone ever said anything to me that made me want to cut ties with them forever? And I should perhaps forewarn my faithful four readers, that I question even posting this at all because it's not even remotely my style. But since there is always the possibility of me throwing a completely unvarnished thought out there (yeah, me!?), what the heck. I'll take sweet revenge if that's what it amounts to.

It is unfortunate that there are no clear cut warning signs to help us avoid negative people; those toxic friends that complicate your life without you even realizing it until it's too late and you find yourself shedding tears because of someone who so obviously could care less and take obvious joy in your emotional pains.

Confession: I don't care either. I have absolutely no interest in getting into a friendship breakup fight. Especially one that coats the vitriol even thicker and just makes me feel worse. The best way to get the toxicity out of your life is to get rid of the toxin; the sooner the better!

True, I may have wasted some precious time and much needed energy trying to help this person or just in talking to them and maybe even caring what they thought. But I'm not the one that put the "end" in "Friendship" darlings.

Burch luck of the good kind (yeah...there is some I figure) is discovering that the thorn in your side can easily be removed without having to shed more bitter tears. I (and I alone) shall retain the position of my own worst enemy! No room for two!

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