Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raindrops keep falling on my head

The back window on our trail blazer doesn't stay up on it's own. It requires a tape, a toothbrush and a Koozie. This seems to work, unless it's raining, then the window comes down about half-way (hey, without the koozie, it slams down inside the door to a completely different dimension).

Yesterday, when I arrived home it was about 1/3 of the way down, but since I was in the carport, I just decided I'd fix it in the morning before I left to take Austyn to early morning band practice since I knew it would gradually slide down overnight anyway. Relatively normal thinking and true to my word, I fixed it in the morning so as to keep out this great rainfall we've been getting and we were on our way at the butt crack of dawn (or 6:20 a.m.). Just as we pulled out of the drive-way Austyn and I heard a muffled "Meow." Great. Kitty Cat had decided to make the vehicle his home the night before. So, I backed up, Austyn coaxed him out and that was that. Imagine, had we gotten further and heard that!

Of course, no Burch story ends with "that was that." This time we got about 3 miles down the road before we heard the muffled "Meow." The twin to the first cat decided he wanted out too. Keep in mind here, Austyn has to be in the band hall at a certain time or run laps and because she has Burch blood in her too, I knew I had to prevent that!. So we whipped the car around (ironically in the driveway of our veterinarian - I thought of dropping kitty there...but Austyn wouldn't hear of it) and drove little kitty all the way back to the house. We called out to any others who might be hiding in the back seat; I actually expected to hear another meow!

And of course, the window was already halfway down again, so I got out in the rain to readjust and was reminded of another Burch Luck story which is what I actually wanted to share today. I had recently posted it on my baby sister's Facebook, but I think it bears repeating.

We were finally getting rain in the Brazos Valley about a week ago (yay weather) and of course, I needed to go to my car in the middle of the day to retrieve my purse which contained my reading glasses, that I desperately needed. I was on my way to the elevetor and in stepped two little Aggie girls (they had to have been freshmen because they still looked happy). They were having a conversation that went something like this:
Aggie Girl 1: "I'm glad it stopped raining..though with my luck it will start as soon as we get outside." (heh - she's talking about luck...)
Aggie Girl 2: "Stick by me - I'm really lucky. It usually stops for me the minute I need it to."
Me (like I could be quiet now): "Well, you should both steer far from me....it will probably rain the hardest today just while I'm outside (cuz my umbrella was at home)"
Aggie Girl 2, A.K.A. Lucky: "Oh no, I promise ma'am, I'm lucky.... seriously...you can walk with us."
Me, to myself: "Oh boy! Can I!?!" I just wanted to get out and get my purse, but whatever!
We got to the door, and sure enough, it had stopped raining. Lucky little Aggie grinned at me and said "See?"

You would have thought rainbows shot out her butt!

We ventured out together and are halfway to my car in the parking lot, about as far from the building as you could get when it started pouring rain! I looked at Lucky Aggie as we started hurrying and said "See?"

"She just laughed and said "Man, who are you'"...
"I'm a Burch, welcome to our world."
Lucky for me, I was in the faculty/staff lot...student lot was a Lot further.

I got to my car and hollered "See ya ladies!" (Suckers....) Shouldn't have called me ma'am.... and I shoulda brought my car keys downstairs with me. Burch Luck.

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