Thursday, October 29, 2009

House of Blues - Nothing Personal....

Yesterday, I did something way out of the ordinary for me. I took a vacation day and I tested the age limits of attending a rock/pop concert. It wasn't just an ordinary vacation day either; this was the kind of day where I took my 14 yr old daughter Austyn out of school and joined my friend Ginger and daughter Kelsey on a one day outing to Houston where we spent the entire day at the House of Blues! Oy Vey - what a long day!

All this was so that our daughters could see some of their favorite bands and meet some of the band members. And I use the term "our daughters" lightly as Ginger is a HUGE fan of these kids too! I was the only person asking on the way to Houston "Now, who are we seeing again?"

It was the All Time Low on their Glamour Kills tour. I don't really know if Glamour is the noun I would have chosen, but 40 is kind of old to be rocking out to 20 something musician's...but I digress; I didn't know any of the bands but I had heard their music before. Just ask my kids: I think everyone is either "The Fray" or "Creed" or whoever it actually ISN'T. Not sure what kind of music I would classify as MY genre, but I'm sure there isn't a group alive (alive being the key word here) that would make me want to remove my bra and throw it on a stage full of skinny emo punks wearing girl jeans and looking like they moussed their hair and then stood sideways in front of a very powerful wind machine. However, I have to admit that I am actually hooked on two of these groups; and I wasn't even drinking or smoking anything! It's punk/pop/emo crap (not the screamin emo - that's just not music); but it was still the kind that had my ears ringing well after the concert ended. As long as a person can sing well, they have my vote! After that.... the music either falls into place or it doesn't. Sometimes, it really depends on the lyrics, and I seriously doubt that any of these guys will be exemplars of performing into their golden years.

The concert started with Friday Night Boys who were weird enough, but had some good musical talent. Then it was Hey Monday, whom my daughter and her friend met inside the House of Blues Restaurant earlier in the day. Nice kids. And I'm serious when I say kids - these guys are REALLY young! But any pop star who will take the time from their lunch and pose for pictures and give autographs to their star crazed fans get an A+ in my book.

The third group was We The Kings and Kelsey (Austyn's friend and musical guru confidant) had Meet and Greet tickets for these fellas. Austyn and Kelsey were the only two in the meet and greet but Ginger and I still couldn't persuade the girls to say "Hey, can our mom's come in too?" I mean...what's up with that? Don't want to be seen with your mom's at a concert venue?? Touche'! Regardless - I think this is the group that I liked the best, but the actual headliner for this MUCH TOO LONG concert was All Time Low. Lead singer was a cutie, but these guys are much too young for me. All I know is I stood up from my barstool quicker than I ever typically get into a standing position when that concert ended. And whomever threw their triple D bra onstage (mind you, this was one of MANY BRA'S thrown up there)....Heaven Help Us!!!

I will say this: EVERYTHING is funny at Denny's at 12:00 a.m. after a loud concert when your ears are ringing and you feel like you have to yell to the people at the table. I mean...EVERYTHING!

"I think this fork is sticky too...." Uh....maybe your hands are sticky....

Yep - one of those had to be there moments....

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