Friday, January 15, 2010

Pick Me! Pick Me!

So yeah, I have prepared my application to the Marethouse/Candy95 Fitness Challenge. I'll be dropping it off tonight right before I go to dinner with Alan at Sodalak's steakhouse, where I plan to have chicken fried steak and gravy. An exercise in irony? Or irony in exercise?

Up until lately, I have always thought that I was too terrible of a driver to ever worry about cholesterol or obesity killing me. But, as I have gotten older, I have realized that some things are worth getting healthier for. Two of those things are my children. Even though there is not a day that goes by that I don't want to strangle one, or both of them, I still love them and want to be healthy enough to see them become real people.

That's why I decided to enter this contest. It's not about losing weight or eating right (I mean yeah...there is that). It's about being healthy; living a longer and fuller life. Hell, I had to send a picture in with my application and it was an aerial photograph! If I ever went missing, they'd have to use all four sides of the milk carton for my picture!

All kidding aside, if I win....I will make my faithful readers proud. I will lose weight, I will get healthy and I will change my life. Maybe change yours too, who knows? I might even develop more than a casual relationship with my toes and be able to touch them one day - rather than just wave from a distance. Pray for me folks. And if I am not chosen, pray for me anyway....but pray harder for the people who do get chosen. Chances are, they need more help than I do and stand to gain a lot in return. Anyone that needs help more than me....also needs more prayers!

Piece O'Pie Out!

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John said...

I'm very sorry young lady, but you appear to have been body-snatched. I cannot imagine you tempting the physical fitness gods with this kind of lesson, you know they are just gonna ROLL you for it....

All kidding aside, I know that getting "back" into shape is a seriously tough road. Best of luck, I plan to bookmark this and watch your progress with great interest, and even some well intentioned moral support along the way. Work your butt off, no, no, seriously, work it off!!! Best of luck Ang!!!