Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Cheaper to Just Bite Your Nails

I've been a nail biter all my life. The only time my nails were ever long (naturally) was when I smoked, and then later in life when I had my kids. (note to the surgeon general: I quit smoking, LONG before I ever decided on children)

After my kids, it was back to biting as usual. I'm not just a nail biter either; I bite my nails down to the quick, cuticle and all. If my fingers aren't sore or bleeding, then my work is not done! Yes, it's a nasty habit. Smoking was a worse habit but it was easier to quit than biting my nails. I can't even stop biting when Alan taps my hands out of my mouth and tells me to stop. If there's one hanging; it's coming off baby!!!

So, I recently decided that enough is enough! I had acryllic nails put on. Don't ask me the name of the place because I can't remember. All I know is there's a nail shop on every corner in this town and I went to the one closest to my job. Very nice Vietnamese couple run the place (I know - it could still be any shop in town) and they were very patient as I tried to explain what I wanted. Apparently, not only did I want square-round, acryllic nails, but I also wanted a pedicure and an eyebrow wax. I turned down the latter two, explaining that 1) I didn't have time for a pedicure and 2) I barely have eyebrows as it is.

I'm sorry, but I think it's going to be cheaper and more satisfying to just bite my nails again. My thumb looks hideous and this guy ALSO thought I should wax my eyebrows!!!

It's off to salon #4 and if it's not a good one....then yes...the nails are coming off!!

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