Monday, March 14, 2016

Might As Well Blog About Trump

I realize that there is an embarrassing, overabundant amount of discussion flying around about Donald Trump, on the Twittersphere, the Book of Faces, the media, under my breath. But I think I would be remiss in not mentioning how very, very heartbreaking it is to see the success of such an openly hateful, xenophobic individual bring out the worst part of the American consciousness.

Allow me to share some words of a good friend of mine, Mr. Luke Klima, who very eloquently said what I wanted to and what many others would echo (except he did it without the use of swear words - because he is a gentleman, whereas I am close to being a disenfranchised American with the vocabulary of a truck driving sailor).

"Politicians appeal to us in different ways - Lincoln appealed to the better angels of our nature, but we've had our fair share of appeals to our fears as well. But I have never seen anyone appeal to the lowest and ugliest part of people's psyches in the way Mr. Trump does. He appeals to the worst angels of our nature - the hypothetical little devil that sits on one's shoulder whispering the most depraved and selfish of ideas. Let's keep those people out! Let's win against those people (i.e. make them lose)! Let's kill the children of those others! Let's react with fisticuffs against those who disagree!

He doesn't tell us of the tide that will lift all boats, but of his ability to sink the other boats, while ours remains afloat. This is an ugly appeal, a depraved appeal, and as it intends to depress much of humanity, an ultimately inhuman appeal.

I hope this experiment with anger soon sees the ignominious end it deserves. It's long past time already."

I would add to Mr. Klima's grandiloquent allegory that while our boat might remain afloat, it's quickly filling with water and it's only a matter of time before the inhabitants merely start flinging each other overboard in a selfish attempt to survive. The U.S.S. America, I fear, is doomed to sink regardless.

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