Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stop Trying to Convert Me!

Social Media is not your Political Platform

It’s appalling how many people use social media to try to convert me to their political party.

News Flash: It’s SOCIAL MEDIA. I go there to be SOCIAL – as well as get away from the everyday, hustle and bustle real world, which quite frankly, is pretty damn scary and depressing.
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chap, Peach, Google, Instagram, MySpace [who is still using this?]) – all of that is purely for entertainment purposes. Or, for keeping up with family members – which for some, is also entertainment.

The differing views (religious, political, nutritional, etc.) are in the thousands and sparking debate, controversy and hatred is not the avenue to promote peace. In fact, it has the opposite effect. Nobody cares about your opinions, especially if they don’t align with theirs.

Also, if you ARE getting your political information ([sic] Facts) from Facebook or Twitter, then you really have no basis to spout your claims. Everything on the internet is false. (It's True - I read it on the internet)

Keep Social Media Social! For Pete’s sake – it’s supposed to be all about what folks had for dinner, photos of their amazing vacations that we didn’t take, what Greek God or Goddess most aligns with your personal information so that you can be on several advertising venues, and cat videos.

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