Friday, June 26, 2009

By Popular Demand

And, by popular demand, I mean the ten or so people who e-mailed, called or chatted with me online and said I should post MORE of my stuff, or to keep on writing. The thing is...I never stop. In fact, I have probably 15-20 pieces started and saved into draft form on my blogger that I had been reluctant to share, but now feel it's worth it; at least to get some feedback.

Just to warn you though....a blog is ALWAYS like a first draft. What you see is what you get. I do not edit, spell check or fact check (though I may send you to a link every now and then, I have no way -or desire - to check it's authenticity) and very often - I make no sense at all.

I won't go as far to say I'm bringing you the "Best of" or "Angie's Greatest Wits." I'm just trying to fill up space on the internet. Whether you read further or not is entirely up to you.

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