Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Burch surname, turns out, is a little more distinguished than I first thought. My family seems to always joke about "Burch Luck" and the cute, funny stories that sometimes accompany a Burch. For me, I've never been particularly lucky in terms of lottery or Bingo, or anything else that could net an instant fortune. As the saying goes, at least in our family, you are not likely to win the lottery unless you are on your death bed. Hence the term "Burch Luck."

So, that's why I created this Blog; to do some family research, not just on Burch, but on Shanks as well. Because who knows how far back "Burch Luck" really goes? Maybe it started with us, maybe Grandma Burch brought it over from the Shanks side. We'll soon find out!

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